Meet The Team

Karl 004.jpg


Karl Brookes

I have been a driving instructor for many years now and I still very much enjoy the job, I have a wealth of experience teaching people to drive and have had a lot of success getting people to pass their test. We have recently had the new standards check test where I scored a grade A.



Peter Baxter

Peter was the first instructor to join the team nearly 10 years ago. He is a very patient and friendly guy who has got loads of experience teaching pupils to drive and has an excellent pass rate.


Rachel 005.jpg


Rachel Batchelor 

Rachel has recently joined us and we are so lucky to have her on board. She never stops smiling and is a very popular instructor who has an excellent pass rate.


Georgie 003.jpg


Georgiana Houlton

George has been with us now for 5 years. She is full of enthusiasm and is always there to give those nervous pupils that little extra help. She also has a great pass rate.

Vera 005.jpg



Vera is the Driving School mascot who is a bit moody and snappy. She's quite cute but can't be trusted teaching parallel parking.